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2001 Haas Mini and CAM file transfers, how do you guys do this?

Reporting back part 1
Better quality null modem serial cable +moxa works.
Using laptop, ethernet to Moxa, null modem to HAAS looks good (at least at 9600 baud). Going to transfer some files back and forth of a few hundred KB and then check them against each other while slowly increasing baud rate.
That is why I've stayed with 9600 on two of the machines.
Unless you're sending dozens of 3D files back and forth, 9600 is fast enough.
Nice thing is that the Haas does check for garbage as the files are received in the control, and will puke on whatever it doesn't like.
So do I but, your maximum file size is limited to 1.44 MB with a floppy disk or USB-to-Floppy converter. Adaptive clearing strategies in modern CAM software generate an awful lot of code.
Yes, I avoid adaptive tool paths on that machine as much as possible. Even if it loads up, it can't read fast enough. I try and stick to 2d countours for roughing passes. Slower, but runs smoother and less code. That machine is dedicated to plate work, I have others for cranking out parts.
Well the Kingdel + cable + dnc4u trial and a 7" touchscreen I had laying around all works to send and receive programs directly. Works in both cts/rts mode and XON/XOFF mode. I filled up the memory with copies of a 180k program and tried DNC mostly so I didn't have to wait so long for DNC4U to stop. The problem is, it doesn't stop the comp just keeps chugging away sending data even once I know the memory should be considered full. If I try to send the program over directly, it waits til the end of sending and says I don't have enough storage. If I do it in DNC mode (MDI/DNC button twice) it says end of DNC file found.

I, possibly incorrectly, assumed DNC4U would at some point say "waiting for machine" or something to that effect.

Ian at DNC4U says to try xmodem but the Haas is responsible for sending XOFF, which if it is, isn't getting to the PC.
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