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2002 Deckel Maho DMU 70Ev not starting


Aug 28, 2020
Toccoa, Ga
Hey guys, we have a 2002 Deckel Maho DMU 70Ev with a MillPlus IT (iTNC 530) control that is failing to start up. This machine is new to us and we just got it hooked to power. The machine has 400V running to it (actual measuring 408V) and air pressure is good. When we press the MACHINE ON button and F10, we hear the cooling pump and fans, as well as the 2 hydraulic pumps running, but nothing happens with the control. Just black screen. The monitor unit seems to be getting cause the fan on the back is running. In the electrical cabinet there is a BF error on the main Profibus unit (A5-03A21) and 3 other slave Profibus units (A5-03A41, A5-05A21, and A5-08A21) after tracing some stuff in the Electrical diagrams, it looks like these are tied to the motor brake system. We also aren't sure if the Pilz safety monitor units are working either. Only 3 out of 6 are lighting up.
If any one who has a similar machine can shed some light on what we might be missing for a start up that would be amazing. If there's anything else that should be running when we hit MACHINE ON, stuff like that. I'll attach pictures of the Profibus units as well as the Safety monitor units.
I'll do my best to answer any questions.


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This ended up being the power supply module for the heidenhain control unit in the electrical cabinet, not the screen itself. Machine turned on after replacing this power supply
However I am also getting several x and z axis alarms. The X axis will not move at all, seems to be binding. Had to disable the Z axis to able to move the Y, B, and C axis.
Ended up being something simple and stupid on my part.
When I bought the machine, they told me the tool changer had some problems. It's giving an E703 "Magazine Breakdown frequency changer" alarm. Seems to be just a generic code for a fault in the servo drive on the tool changer. The drive shows a more specific code. It says it's either the drive is bad or the servo. Both servos are getting 24VDC to unlock the brakes, and there's 140VAC per leg coming out of the Drives, but as soon as it tries to engage the servos it drops to 34V and throws an "Overload" code. The code manual says it's it could be either the drive or the servo. Ordered new servos that should be here next week, but Currently trying to see if it's actually the servos or the drive.