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2003 Mitsubishi wire model FA10P.. how to demo functions ? how to find hours ? and...


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Dec 15, 2000
Here she be on eBay...2003 Mitsubishi 5 axis Wire EDM model FA10P CNC | eBay

First off, I have no manuals. The only way to get same is pay $1,100 and get registered with MC Machinery Systems ...which would be fine if I was keeping it...but..

Machine reportedly running great before I bought it but it's been sitting off the grid for a few months...just now got it all reconnected and under power again.

1. I can demo axis movements (and display of same on control and hand pendant)... but wondering if anyway to prove out the power supply functionality other than filling the water tank, connecting air and actually cutting a part ?

2. How to find machine hours ?

3. Machine is pristine but missing the little hinged cover for the Z ram. Would that lower it's value so much I should perhaps make one ? (formed tinted lexan is one idea...even better, buy one from MCS...but suspect it's a "from Japan" only deal...plus $$$...plus I have to pay the registration fee first... :fight:)