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2006 Fadal 3016 Fanuc 18i Control

Don Davis 87

Mar 7, 2014
Houston, TX
My 2006 Fadal 3016 Has a Fanuc 18i control, It is a ThyssenKrupp machine and works fine but I have a question for anyone familiar with this machine/control, the machine has a BLUE light on top of the control that I'm sure can be toggled on and off to signal or not signal the end of a program/run cycle, my question is how to hell do you switch it on or off?

Thanks for your help.
The light is not on, it never comes on, I was thinking there might be a way to have the beeper, the light or both if you want them but probably an easy means of disabling them when you don't want them. Thanks, Don
Since your machine doesn't have clear documentation, it may be worthwhile checking the beeper and light manually to see that they actually work. Figure out the correct voltage, and apply that directly to see if they work. That way you can be confident crossing off possibilities as you try things out on the control.