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2023 Minnesota Scraping Class Schedule

Richard King

Jul 12, 2005
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
Hello All,

People have been asking me about dates of Scraping / Rebuilding Classes I will be teaching in 2023. At the moment there are no classes schedule for out-side of MN. I have been talking with Bourn & Koch in Rockford IL about doing a class there, but they are still working out a date. So if you want to start to learn how to rebuild your machines, sign up one of these

I just picked these dates. I made them week day and week end classes. If you want to change the dates to better suits your schedule I can do that. I teach them inside my Cottage Grove, MN pole barn shop. I have a furnace and AC so weather is not an issue. I supply all the tools and supplies. You bring a personal project like a surface plate, straight-edge, lathe compound, Bridgeport table, etc If you own your scraping tools, bring them. There all sorts of motels/ hotels, camp grounds, Airbnb's in the area. My shop is about 25 minutes from International airport MSP. Message me your email address and I will send you more info. I also will advertise the classes on eBay. I will offer a Practical Machinist discount 10% discount.

January 16 - 20 M- F
March 16-20 Thursday - Monday
April 7 - 11 Friday - Tuesday
May 14 - 18 Monday - Friday
June 9 - 13 Friday - Tuesday
July 19 - 23 Wednesday - Sunday
You can see how my classes work by watching this You Tube show.

Thanks, Rich