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2047 Error in Mitsubishi M70


Apr 27, 2022
Hi everyone. One of the lathes at my work is throwing an alarm that reads "2047 turret contl.emg.stop.alarm A 47". The lathe is a UGINT L2100 with a
Mitsubishi M70 Control. Directly before the machine began throwing this alarm I accidentally commanded an X-axis move and a tool change on the same line,
which resulted in a "2026 X position tool change" alarm, the same as what shows up if you tell the machine to tool change off X-origin. However, after clearing that alarm I commanded a tool change using the button on the controller (I was in zero return if relevant), and the turret spun 5 or 6 times freely without stopping. Does anyone know how to clear this alarm? A breaker in the electrical box was tripped but un-tripping it did not allow us to clear the alarm. The turret is unfortunately between tool positions now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.