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20hp RPC breaker questions!


Feb 27, 2022
Hi all, I know these questions have been asked a million times but I still can’t find one similar to my situation.

I moved to a new shop recently, main coming in is 1g AL 100amp service from the meter. Pretty low but it is what it is…

At my old shop I had a American rotary 20hp rpc and ran my wide belt sander off it with no issues. I don’t remember specs on breaker size etc.

My wide belt has a 7.5kw motor (10hp) tag says 26amp on 220 3p. And also a small 1hp 3p motor for the conveyor.

What breaker size would be correct if this is the only machine running off the rpc? The initial under load startup was around 3-4 seconds if I remember correct. Is my 100amp service ok? Without running anything else in the shop (other than lights, fridge, computers) the loads on the L1 coming in was 4-5amps and about the same for L2