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20x72 Pacemaker, SB Mill, Hendey T&G, Hendey Shaper, DoAll T&C in SW Virginia.


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Oct 10, 2006
Richlands, VA
20x72 Pacemaker, SB Mill, Hendey T&G, Hendey Shaper, DoAll T&C in SW Virginia.

I have sold my building and need to move these machines.
DoAll T&C grinder.jpgHendey Shaper.jpgHendey T&G Lathe.jpgPacemaker .jpgSB Milling Machine.jpg

Haven't done much shopping lately,so don't know how to price them. Ask Questions and Make an offer. I can load them with your help. All have tooling and accessories. The Doall has all the goodies. Pacemaker has the big dial and a travel dial. I love this lathe and hate to let it go.

The Pacemaker is the 20 in here ...

Which means 11,000 Lbs plus - with 4 5/8" (!!) tail stock quill
Is it ? if it swings 20", it's an 18" .... which would save you a few thousand pounds :)

The 16x54 is about 6,000 so 11,000 seems heavy to me. 'Specially if it's the 18 ...
Looks like John is right... of course, for the "boxed" weight.
Domestic Shipping weight is 9,500. I think. Not sure what all that means.
Look at the scan John posted. I'd call it close enough to 11,000lbs with the chuck. :D



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For those that don't look at posted links

Yes, my 11K plus was using boxed weight, so maybe nearer 10K after you add motor and electrics and two feet longer

That is in the 20 column which is what the machine was sold as - and is placarded as - even though it swings 25". ATW had standard "raises" of 3" and 6" this could very well be the 3". If it were actually an 18, it would have the 3 7/8" tail stock quill. These are the "big" Pacemakers in Bulletin 16 - inescapably identified by both spindle speed AND L2 or D1-8" spindle nose - or if you wanted to look "under-the-hood", EIGHT drive belts instead of FIVE


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