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4-A taper attachment


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Hi All, I have an ancient 4-A, M-1190, Ser. 406046. It will cut a 1-1/2" taper per foot. I need to cut and thread a 3" tpf. The best I can tell, all I need to do is change out the plate to Plate No. 583-1011. Is that all there is to it? If such a part number is no longer available, reckon there's a picture or drawing from which I could make one?
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Mid thirties - you'll likely need a sizeable pile of good luck to find stuff made nearly ninety years ago. Other members will know of folks in the WS "stuff" biz

Having machine serial and part number is a great start


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I have a ton of 4 stuff complete lathe tooled with alot of tools. I dont know all of it but heres a sample. 1.5 inch tool holders

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I reversed engineered one nearly 45 years ago. Kept a copy of it back then. Have no clue what happen to it over the years.

The taper bar is the same length as the long bar is but the slide portion is much shorter. Just long enough to cut the largest length rotary shoulder connection blank.

In this video attached is a guy in north west of Houston in Tomball. He has a shop full of Warner Swasey stuff. About midways in the video, there shows a shelf with a bunch of taper bars on it. Could be one in that mess. Never know.

The Search for bcbloc02's Steady Rest: Where old tools go to rest! - YouTube


EDIT: Wrong kind of taper bars, they were taper attachments from lathes, not turret lathes. Sorry.


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Thank you 4GSR, I hope I'm headed to Tomball. I saw maybe 3 W&S taper attachment parts on the floor, there are probably more. I have a machinist building a 3" tpf plate, I feel confident I have that challenge licked.
I also saw some live centers and Jacobs chucks that'd be handy.
Now on to the threading leaders and followers I want. I showed the 2 & 8 tpi set I have to the machinist, he said those were above his pay grade to build. He also said, "No tellin' how many of those were made into rebar."


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Most of those 4A's and 5A's I was around had quick change gear boxes for the common thread pitches we used. I.e. 2, 3-1/2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11-1/2, 12 TPI. Maybe more, I don't remember. That way you didn't have to keep track of a bunch of thread followers. I'm sure that guy has what ever you need in his place. Just of manner what you are willing to pay for it. Ken