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47% rent increase, thank you new owners.


Apr 30, 2001
tucson arizona usa
I moved out of my garage into a rented space and within the span of one year the rent doubled. I quickly realized that the land lord thought I would stay because my equipment was so heavy and all the money I spent on the electric upgrade. I found a building cheap but I couldnt get a loan from a bank. I tried all sorts of crazy schemes to raise the money. No bank would lend. I met a guy I call uncle john, he was a hard money lender. I borrowed 120 grand at 20 percent interest. That was the best money I ever spent I paid it back in 5 years. Owning my own building free and clear changed my whole business. We bought the building next door using a paypal loan, and I got another warehouse a few months ago to store inventory. If you can own the building it will change your life.

Fal Grunt

Aug 5, 2010
Medina OH
I learned my lesson early, I felt like I was working for the landlord.

I can't get 3-phase here, not affordable anyway, $28k-$36k.

If you have finicky CNC's, Phase Prefect sells some BIG units. Otherwise a rotary.

I built a really nice 1000 sq ft shop for $68k. I made a 10yr ish commitment to myself, but if business outgrows it, I'll build or buy a bigger shop.

A business mentor of mine, when he started, bought a large building, much larger than he needed. He divided it into 3 units. The other two units paid for the building and now pay for maintenance, taxes, and his retirement.