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4x Albrecht keyless drill chuck JT33 taper, 1/32" - 1/2" / 1mm - 13mm capacity


Cast Iron
Jan 16, 2016
All right guys, I want to be unequivocal here. This whole mess is 100% my fault. I'm super busy and didn't do my due diligence on these chucks. My examination was cursory and superficial and I figured I'd just let them go for super cheap and let someone else mess with them.

What I SHOULD have done, is more thoroughly examine them and/or rebuild (or at least clean them up). Or at least, I should have said that they are in great shape FOR THE PRICE. I did neither, and thus I am to blame.

I appreciate Milland being understanding and professional about the whole thing, despite me being the one who was totally in the wrong here. I should have done better.