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5C collets, L1 mount


Mar 30, 2019
I have a nice little Bison 5C collet chuck but it's 1-1/2 8TPI from my old lathe. what are the options for a lathe with an L1 mount? I've been googling and saw a Hardinge Speed Chuck in 5C/L1 a few weeks ago on ebay, but it sold before I closed the deal on my new machine. most I see are 2J or have different mounting systems. thanks.
Can you take off the current back plate and install an L1 plate? They are readily available.

Or adapt the back to screw onto an L1 plate.

The Sjogren collet chucks with 2J collet size are easy to find, but the collets tend to cost more than 5C. Sjogren 5C chucks are rather scarce. Some of them have a threaded or tapered Hardinge nose that allows them to use Hardinge 5C step chucks. Some Sjogren chucks, of whatever collet type, have removable adapters, so they can be fitted to an L1 blank adapter. Other Sjogren chucks have the adapter, often a camlock, made in one piece with the chuck body, so they cannot be fitted to a different adapter. There are other makes of 5C collet chucks and some will have removable adapters, allowing them to be mounted on an L1 blank. You need to shop around and study the mounting on what you find before sending payment.