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6" South Bend 10L Skinner 4206 4-Jaw Chuck - 2-1/4"-8 TPI


Feb 1, 2020
South Bend / Skinner 4206-46 4-Jaw 6" chuck. 2-1/4"-8 TPI backing plate fits the "heavy" 10L. Good condition, zero rust, jaws are nice and tight and the threads on both the jaws and the chuck scroll are excellent - zero play/wiggle. The backing plate casting looks like it had some porosity right where the first spindle thread was located, but it doesn't affect the thread engagement in any way and the chuck spins onto my 10L just fine.

Note: There is a scratch on the surface (upper right quadrant in the first picture), it is NOT a crack. The pictures make it look like one, and if you remove the backing plate bolt you can see there's no depth to it and it's just a surface mark.

$250. Will ship to contiguous 48 states via USPS medium flat rate box for an extra $20.



Dec 4, 2010
McClure, PA 17059
If nothing has changed Flat Rate shipping to all states and possessions Like Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico ship for $16.10 Medium Box. Box is free. I just shipped an item to contiguous State for $16.10 but in the past out as far as Guam. I'm not putting down the $20 fee, packing the box and carting it to the Post Office can be included but it will broaden the customers to everywhere USA!