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60's model 10EE knob and handle plating


Dec 5, 2019
Like the rest of us (and after reading your many comments) you don’t open your wallet wide, without a good reason. An alternative that may interest you that I have done on my Bridgeport: I had a base of powder coat applied, then hand applied the red and let it fully dry. Used a flat razor blade to remove the excess, lightly sanded with a green scratch pad, then applied USC SprayMax 2K Glamour High Gloss Aerosol Clear.

Cost me about $100 total for all 4 dials and I still have plenty clear leftover. This clear and the power coat was intended to work with the fluids we use on these machines, so I believe it should last.

I had a few more pictures but couldn’t get them down to the right size to share. After a few days the gloss wears off and they look great for my 50 year old eyes. Though this might be helpful.


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May 4, 2021

rcn11thacr - wow - those are stunning in their own right.​

Love the creativity - and outcome.
Thanks for sharing.

Like the rest of us (and after reading your many comments) you don’t open your wallet wide, without a good reason
Well said.

I had a closer look at my most used - the forward reverse lever.
The satin is completely worn off.
The lever is chrome - and there is clearly some underlying copper.
This supports the idea that they used copper underlayment, then chromed, prior to giving a final treatment to create the satin.

The powder coating you used gave it's own very nice results.
Will take that onboard as I consider what my final solution will be.


Dec 5, 2019
If you’re looking into the idea of power coating, you should also consider Cerakote as an option. No chemicals will harm cerakote. I didn’t use it in this situation but that’s because it’s on an old mill that I was not restoring. I just needed to be able to see the numbers better. That’s why I highlighted the numbers like I did. I can see a mile away, but up close not so much anymore.