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8010-G rod info

The 80 means 80 Ksi mimimum tensile strength deposit and the 10 means all position, DC+ only. The G is vendor specific.
The low end of the current range would be about 125 amps probably you'll want to run about 160-190 amps.

Radnor sais: "Keep a medium-long arc at all times. Use a light weave to control the shape and size of the weld deposit. Tilting the electrode at a 45° angle in the direction of travel works best for flat and horizontal fillets."

If I remember right the higher strength xx10 rods are considered obsolete and are replaced by the low hydrogen xx15,16 and xx18 rods in high strength applications. Although there may be a use for 8010 in applications that are going to be heat treated as that rod would have a low silicon content.

They are a DC cellulose pipe rod just like starbolin mentioned, I have never seen them in 80Ksi only 60Ksi. Try one if they are cellulose the arc will be intense and hiss, penetration will be high and the weld metal will freeze fast. Usually used for root passes on pipe with xx16 or xx18 rods for the fill passes.
Thirty years ago when I was pipelining we used Lincoln 7010G HYP,it run fairly decent but with quite a bit of spatter, we called it hippie rod.