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8x18 Walker LBP ElectroMagnetic Chuck


May 14, 2001
I bought this some years back as shipping damaged NOS. The seller said it was 6x14 but it turned out it was 8x18- far bigger than my machine. I have connected it to a control and it seems to work fine. It still has cosmoline on sides and bottom. Top has been cleaned, sat in the shop and just cleaned up a little to take these pictures. Some of the brass has discolored which does not really show in the photos. It is missing the long stop rail (but has the short side). The shipping damage consists of some dings to the surface the worst of which are shown. Also the lower right hand corner in the overall image can be seen to be bonked. If you need additional images just let me know.

It's heavy. I'm willing to crate if you pay for material. $350 + shipping