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9" South Bend need help to evaluate the condition


Nov 2, 2017
Im new here, I just bought a 9" CL644A. I am planning to clean it up, repaint, replace all the felts and wicks and use it. I am curious if anyone can help me evaluate the condition of the ways, the spindle, spindle gear and bearing condition. I dont plan on doing any production machining, but I do plan on using this lathe.
Sincerely thanks!

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Hot Rolled
Aug 11, 2013
Sun Valley, California, USA
Pretty much typical used 9" SB. Put some paint on it, clean off the flash rust on the bright parts, new felts, lube and use. I don't see anything that would prevent you from machining parts to +/- 0.001 inch (other then a shot out headstock). I used one for years with worse looking ways. I use mine and they aren't tricked out to look like museum pieces, but they are clean with good felts and oiled.