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A-B Osai 8600T help


May 16, 2022
Old A-B Osai 8600T wont connect to pc.

We have an A-B Osai 8600T ,and we had to change the bacup battery in OS 5511 in this machine,,,and after that we have to install the minimum FCRSYS file to get the controller to link to the computer.
I have a full bacup,but need some help to install the minimum FCRSYS file into MP0 so the pc will "talk" to the controller :


I have tryed following the orginal manual,,,but it seems like it is not being stored in the memory?
Possible somthing I do wrong ???? do i need to program the whole fcrsys (from *1 to*8) in the controller?
Is there someone who can help me step by step?
When the machine is powered on the following messages are shown on the screen:

SERIES 8600 ver 3.0
PS: we have changed the battery.

After start I press P0 - send- EDI,FCRSYS/MP0 - send - *2 - send - xat485,07,1,3 -send - *
and so turn of the controll,,,and the same screen appears again.
Do i have to create a FCRSYS "folder" first,,in MP0 ?
Do I have to push any button to store this before restarting the control ?