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A plastic molding reality check...how crude can it be and still work?


Cast Iron
Jan 3, 2016
Hi All:
Here's a link to a Youtube video I just watched, that is a nice reminder just how crude a plastic injection mold and plastic injection molding can be and still make some sort of usable part.
Production of Pipe Elbow || Incredible Technique of Making Elbow || Pipe Fitting - YouTube

For all of us who've been moldmakers it's pretty cringe worthy because it's incredibly rough and violates most of the rules we learned about our trade.

For those who are Prima Donnas about how special they are, it's a nice reminder to the rest of us that the tenths they pretend to split are not always necessary tenths.

For those who really do build high end tooling, it's a nice affirmation of the vast gap between a "mold" and a mold.

I especially liked the process control around deflashing the parts and trimming the sprues...high end and OSHA approved if I do say so myself!


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