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Adapting a standard powerfeed to Series II


Oct 8, 2004
St. Peters, MO
I need to adapt a powerfeed to my regular series 2 mill since the original dc feed system was removed.

Any reason I could not get an additional X leadscrew and turn it down to the 5/8” common bore size for the regular knee mill powerfeed? I cannot see the down side of this other than premature failure for heavier table.

I have a former Bridgeport repair tech tell me that doing this is “unsafe” but will not tell me why it’s unsafe. Obviously it weakens the shaft by turning down the diameter but safety??

Anyway, if you think the above idea would work or not, please provide the WHY to a “no” response. Thanks in advance!

And please do not ask if I have an actual series 2 and am I sure. Just trying to head off stupid questions up front.
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