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Adaptix jaws


Hot Rolled
Mar 11, 2009
Valencia, CA, USA
Just watched this:

Does anyone have first-hand experience? Also, how much?

My first thought was "Neat!". My second thought was a series of thoughts actually:
  • It might be too complex for long-term use (a custom machined jaw is as simple as you can get).
  • How well do the fingers hold position after repeated clamp/unclamp cycles?
  • If you accidentally cut into the fingers you could be out until you replace some or all of a jaw.
  • Indicating looks painful
  • I might have designed the fingers to be able to move back behind the reference ground surface so you can slide an indicator from left to right.
  • What's the value of the ground surface when what matters are the tips of those fingers?
  • It looks like you take a hit on the max opening of the vise (dimension AA on the Kurt diagram)
  • I also looks like you can no longer clamp to the outer ends of the vice jaws (dimension DD on the Kurt diagram)
  • Combination clamping does not seem possible (BB and CC)
  • Not sure if this matters for a lot of cases: What does the holding power look like when you have 28 point contacts clamping on a part vs. flat vise jaws or custom-cut soft jaws?
  • Do you ding-up your part? Likely part dependent
  • Etc.
We don't do production machining, just prototypes and small batches when necessary. I can see the idea being potentially useful. The question is: What is the reality of this approach?



Jun 7, 2012
I'd like to know the price too. When I first saw these a couple of months ago on Facebook I wasn't impressed at all. But this demo video makes me think these things are legit.
Now if they can make these for Chick One Lok I'd probably buy them in a heartbeat as only 1 of our mills uses Kurt vises at the moment.