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Adding home switches to Anilam 3300mk?


Jan 28, 2024
Hey guys, my first post.

I recently got a lagun bridgeport style mill with an anilam 3300mk controller. Not super familiar with it but have been able to run a couple jobs. The way it's set up seems like there's no home switches, and it uses a floating home position as the manual calls it. I find it extremely annoying that it must be hand cranked to the proper position before powering on the control to get the maximum travel. There's also the problem of losing the home position on power down.

I'm wondering if the issue could be resolved by adding home switches, and configuring the control to be able to do a home search. i've seen the option in the menus, but only z moves when it's initiated, so I'm guessing it just isn't configured. Not sure if it's just that simple, or if the proper home switches are even still available. Basically I was wondering how expensive/feasible/difficult this would be. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.