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Advice for Moving a CMM


Jul 25, 2021
I just purchased a 2008 Brown and Sharpe Tesa Micro-Hite Manual 3D CMM (see picture) at auction and planning to move it myself this week if it is possible to avoid rigging fees. Looking for some feedback on my plan and had a few questions. I am allowed to used non-powered equipment to pick it up since I am not a rigger. (So no forklift, but can use a pallet jack and some toe jacks, etc.) It looks like there is nowhere to lift from the floor to get the stand up on blocks so I will need to lift the upper unit off the stand?

Will the surface plate just lift off from its 3 points or is it bolted down? Looks light enough to lift off with a couple people?

Once the Surface Plate is off will the CMM itself be light enough to lift by hand with 2 people or is this a hopeless idea? How much does it weigh?

I plan to max out all the axis and then plastic wrap everything extremely well to prevent any movement. I will be moving it on my trailer just a few miles down the road.


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