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Advice on annular cutter for 3" hole please

I completely disagree.
Quill feeding has no safe guard against the cutter
sucking itself into the work and jamming.
Feed with the knee.
If you disagree, that is fine.
We can still have beer.


Not true. I have *many* a time inched down the quill a few thousandths at a time in a very controlled manner by using the quill stop nut. Run the quill down, take a little nip until quill hits the stop, lift back up and give the stop nut a slight turn, repeat. Very quick and easy to keep a nice controlled descent while still being able to quickly and easily clear chips. The knee works too, but clearing chips that start to nest is a pain in the dick using the knee. Lots easier with the quill method.
When I do it I tend to have the quill say 1" down from the top, locked against the stop nut, feed with the knee and if you need to clear chips, unlock and raise the quill to do so before putting it back on the stop and locking again.
But a lot faster than just knee feeding and chip clearing.
It's good if you have tooling that likes continously cutting however.

Yes, to each their own. Unless the knee is powered, I find it a pain in the butt to feed the knee. Also, many machines have a lot of movement in the knee when the clamp is on vs off. I tend to always leave the knee clamped.
It's actually a longish part, which isn't conducive to a lathe or rotary table. Thanks.
then just regular drill it. Twist drills are cheap but slower compared to annular cutters.
then just a boring head and bore it out. 10-15 min tops to get to size and $100 for a twist drill that you will have forever and is more universal.

or not be cheap, spend the even 150 and have a cnc mill do it. literally a 3 minute operation once its set up
Treepaning, annular cutter, hole saw, all fine . It all comes down to knowing when and how to clear chips. Be aware the HSS annular cutter can easily catch and fracture. Go with the tooling you own. If you have to buy something a bimetal hole saw is the hardest to crash. I like Lenox saws. Clear Chips use cutting oil run the slowest. I also go thru with a 5/16” drill then use a 5/16” solid rod in my hole saw for more stability. I use a standard hole saw arbor held in a drill chuck.