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Advice re Nut removal on Alexander/FP1


Feb 7, 2021
The X-axis screw was almost impossible to turn and only removed with difficulty. There is no sign of damage to the screw threads and it is not warped. Screwing it in from right to left is fine until the threads are well into the nut, then it jams. Screwing in from the left end is good for just 4 turns. Logically, the nut must be damaged in some way.

The previous owner used just oil, not grease, nevertheless the nut has been cleaned with both WD-40 and Gunk, scrubbed in with a toothbrush. A minature camera shows no sign of damage to the nut threads but it is a cheap camera and the image quality is not good. The inner (left) end of the nut has the letters 'MC' stamped at the top.

I have removed the grub screws which hold the nut in place but am unsure as to how this nut should be removed.

Any advice would be much appreciated.