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Advice: Used Variaxis i600 Matrix 2 vs New CV5-500 Smooth X


May 9, 2022
My fellow comrades and I are about to pull the trigger on a 5 axis mill for toolroom use.
Sounds overkill, but it's not if you've seen our modular tooling system.

Having been through the options we're basically at a choice between a used Variaxis i600 2013 with a Matrix 2 control and a brand new CV5-500 with the Smooth X control.
Clearly the i600 is mechanically the superior machine but I was hoping someone could shed some insight on what owning a 30k hour
Mazak is like? If anyone has experience with a CV5 and can compare even better. Clearly the control is newer but cutting performance is difficult to deduce as it's quite new and a UK only machine so limited exposure.
The i600 is in very good condition visually.
We're concerned about the on-costs and reliability, parts availability etc with the older model vs the benefits of the extra poke.
They're basically the same price.
Also if anyone knows how much space you actually *need* behind the i600 to get the swarf conveyer and coolant tank out that would help as we're dead tight on space.
Any thoughts or insights I'd grateful appreciate, cheers.