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Agie Agiecut 2F Excellence hard disk replacement


Jul 4, 2014
The Netherlands
Dear Friends,

I recently obtained a Agie Agiecut 2F from 1999. It was cheap and advertised as broken so i am now puzzling to make it work.

To be sure the operating system is good i want to reinstall it. The harddisk in it is from 1996 and i sought for a more recent replacement.
It seems, by what i read, OS/2 is quite picky in what it accepts as harddisk. The old harddisks i searched for on internet are or used or around 200-300 euro, which is a bit excessive for a ancient 2GB thing.

A proper replacement i thought would be a SCSI emulator using flash disks. This one has the 50 pin connector. The vender page says it supports OS2.

I just requested a quote.

Would love to hear any ideas or experiences.

Best regards,

ps besides reliability the startup time is also probably better :)