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Agie Compact 2 Z limit switch stuck


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This happens every once in a while while we're powering up the machine. Usually it's the X axis and it's easy enough to turn the leadscrew to jog the table off the switch and try again. The tech had a way doing the Z axis by pulling that driver board and doing something to it to override the switch. If anyone knows what that would be, please share. :) It would save us a lot of work taking the head apart the find the ballscrew.


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As I recall, these machines have DMD07 drive boards
that only have a red reset button on them. Not sure
what else you could do with the board. However, the
homing switch on these machines is a small glass plunger
that over time might get stuck and not move properly after
being "made". I believe they are MY-Com switches. have you
worked these? Also, I remember the Compact 2 having a problem with
homing in X axis because filter pump caused vibration. Did you try
turning off filter pump while homing then turning it back on