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Agie Mondo Star 20 E69 Error


Mar 17, 2020
Hello Everyone,

I have an old Agie mondo star 20 from 2002 wich worked great until recently I had the following error code: E69 the latest erosionposition is lost, go manually back to your latest erosionposition from the position set up page.

Beside this error the next error accured: E49 Z-axle end switch reached.

After running some test I descoverde that over time the absolute machine zero point is moved. The E49 error is because of changing tools.

Besides these errors the handbox also completly shut down and doesn't work anymore.

I tried to find a local service company but they say they don't have the spare parts for such an old machine, I also reached out to the manufactor and even they say it's hard to get parts and if they find them they wil be very expansive.

So does anyone knows what causes these errors and where I maybe can find some spare parts??