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Agie Progress VP2 Lines in Punches


Mar 8, 2016
My Agie VP2 is leaving a bad finish and lines in our punches. Initially we thought bad steel, but its consistently leaving lines on carbide too. Its on the same spot, on the same side of every punch cut. We tried bigger tabs, more material left between each punch.
How do you attach pictures?
What wire are you using? are you also using correct technology? parallel or taper? what's the cutting and flushing conditions like?
Check the condition of the safety filter. The filter should be cleaned often depending on the amount of muck in the clean tank.
The safety filter you are referring to, is it located in-line on the left side of the machine behind 4 canisters?
when do the lines appear? at the time of trimming or during finishing passes? check diamond guides, current leads and take-up tube
I am getting those lines again....a lot of wire breaks during rough cut and trim cuts onbthick parts, but seems to run good on thinner parts. Flush maybe??? Im lost as to where to start!