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Agie Taper How to


Jan 10, 2020
Good Morning. I work with an Agie Challenge and I need a 10mm high piece to make a 20 degree conical cut, where in the first 3mm is straight, without inclination and in the remaining 7mm the 20 degrees is present. I would like someone to help me with the agievision software parameters. Thank you very much in advance.

Antonio Batel
You have to create a collar using a work model. In this collar you tell it what kind of taper, positive or negative, the length of your land, and degree of taper. Right click on your machining in piece editor and create your technology. If you need stops you add the point inside your collar and then associate after you close the program in your list of corrections. Hope this helps. We use AgieVision daily doing tapers.
Thank you very much for your help.
My model is made on Mastercam, a simple 2d geometry, than i put on the agie Chalenge and from there is my doubt, i dont know were i must input that values, i allready make some experiences but dont find the right way yet. I am afraid i dont understand your solution. i work daily with this machine almost 10 years, but a kind of this job, i never done.
Realy apreciate your help
Collar work where you use geometry to create collar group, there you will crete LC, LC2,L3 depending on if you want taper, parallel, taper etc. You can use an iso or create a sbl file
You will need to use sectors, if you are cutting your taper on certain segments and not on others. You start the taper on the segment before using x-y component, use constant taper on the tapered segment, and the x-y again on the segment after.