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Allen Bradley 3ph Reversing Motor Starter


Oct 15, 2009
FS - Allen Bradley 3ph Reversing Motor Starter

Bulletin 705 style RT size 0 type 1 AC Reversing Switch

Series # 705AAAB

The coil appears to 220 volts, there are two N14 heaters installed, which according to the chart inside the cover, allows for 1.93 FL amps. This came with my lathe, which had a 1/2hp 3ph motor. Chart says, 3hp max at 220v. Fwd/Rev pushbuttons not included. I don't think I ever used this, just slapped on a VFD - I'm assuming that it works, if not, I'll make good on it. If you need any more info, just ask away.

This can ship in a medium flat rate box ($14.50). I'd like to get $25 to make it worth my time to pack and run to the PO. Or make me an offer. Or pick it up in Greeley CO.

Please disregard the weird looking paint in the cabinet pictures - that's the result of compressing the photos, the paint is actually quite good - I can email hi-res pics if needed.