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American pacemaker Steady rest


Jan 25, 2023
Howdy everyone, I've got a 14x30 American pacemaker that I need a steady rest for, I need to turn a 5.5" OD bronze bushing that's 15" long and Ill need to turn down the ID and the OD on, Im guessing its a bit of a long shot to find a steady rest that will fit it, but I'd really prefer to purchase a steady rest than to take it to someone to turn the part for me.

Im also looking for a thread dial indicator as well, as my machine was absent of one when I purchased it.

Thanks everyone.



Hot Rolled
Jan 5, 2021
Ohio, USA
I would check HGR - they get stuff all the time in various states. They have locations all over the US, one here in Ohio near me. If you find something at the Euclid location and need someone to go check it out, let me know. The railroad preservation group I volunteer with has two American Pacemaker 20" lathes that came from HGR.

There's also a place, very close to me as well, Lee's Machinery in Perry, OH. Has a large collection of steady rests. Talk to Mike Zinn (owner) and maybe he has something. Again, if needed, I can take a trip to Lee's for you.

Also, Steve Watkins (he's on YouTube) visited a place in Texas that had a LOT of steady rests, but I do not think they sort them by brand. They just need to know what the lathe swing is and size of the ways. Maybe reach out to Steve for that contact number or search his videos.

I'd also try Yoder Machinery here in Ohio. I've never been (too far from me) but have heard from others that have bought from them. I think dee dee (YouTuber) bought an Axelson lathe from them and had it shipped to Walla Walla, WA.

As a reminder, these steady rests are heavy and made of cast steel. You wouldn't want to knock them over - they can break. ;)


Oct 10, 2009
You need a bigger lathe!

Math doesn't quite add up. 15" bushing ID + 15" boring bar travel + length of chuck, etc. > 30" carriage travel

With soft jaws and some care you can do it from both sides.

Depending on wall thickness it doesn't sound like a steadyrest job at all.