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Ammco shaper and Van Norman boring bar @online auction - closes tomorrow evening.


Aug 31, 2006
Short notice, but for those that may be interested, those two items are up for sale at this website. Items 954 and 984 for those two things. There is lots of other good stuff if you take the time to go through the list.
This guy was a great automotive machinist. Was a Chrysler guru. Competitively raced (against v-8 chevies) with slant 6 six engines for years. He's died and they're slowly disposing of his huge collection of stuff in this manor. This is the 3rd go round and there's enough stuff left for probably 10 more sales.

P.S.~ I checked the phenolic gear in the shaper.... looks fine. Powered the machine up, it runs smooth. I tried holding ram back with my body weight... it had no slop or play at the end of the strokes. Tooling? There is nothing laying on it or in the cabinet.
The boring bar... it's the cat's meow. He was always busy boring blocks. Has some honing plates, but they're for a future sale and don't go with this setup.


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This piston was his doorstop for years. It's up to 41$

If one of you buys something, I could be persuaded to go pick it up. As far as truck shipping goes, we have a Fastenal store here. Not sure if every location participates in the Fastenal Truck Freight or not, but I'd be happy to get some purchase palletized or boxed up.


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