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Anilam 6000M problem


Dec 9, 2018
We have a Chevalier 1418 with the Anilam 6000M controller.
This issue just started, and I am stumped as to where to start looking.
I can boot the machine up fine. However, when I pull out the E-Stop the LCD goes dark as if power has been cut to it.
Push the E-Stop back in immediately and the LCD powers back up and everything seems fine.
Pull the E-Stop out and the LCD goes dark again.
While it is dark the LEDs above the "Servo Reset" and "Spindle Off" buttons on the manual panel blink slowly and dimly.
Once in a while right after I pull the E-Stop and the LCD goes blank the LCD will come back on and I can continue with resetting the servos and homing the machine.
Most of the time though the LCD just stays off.
If I leave the LCD off for say a minute or so when I push the E-Stop back in the LCD will come back on but there are corrupted pixels on the LCD and the system is frozen, so I have to reboot the computer.
Occasionally when I pull the E-Stop out and push it back in I will get one of the two following error messages on screen:
"Motion Control Time Out Error....."
"Motor Overload"
I have checked the E-stop voltages e.t.c. and they are all within specifications.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Dec 24, 2019
Super weird. If it really has anything to do with the motors that's easy to test though. I would disable every axis i can and see what it does.


Dec 22, 2012
NB, Canada
I'm not familiar with your particular control but my guess is that the power supply may be failing or there is a short circuit somewhere dragging down the power supply. Do you have an electrical schematic? Can you disconnect the drives and see if it powers up?


BT Fabrication

Nov 3, 2019
sounds like a bad connection on the power feed, as when the supply is E stop, the draw, start as like said above and measure if there is full voltage at the power supply and incoming power.


Dec 9, 2018
Hi Folks

Thank you for your responses.
A gentleman from Acu-Rite got back to me, Mario thank you sir for your help, and walked me through a couple of things.
Turned out that the previous owner had the transformer connected incorrectly, 208 instead of 230, so I made those corrections and installed an 8' ground rod at the machine. All the anomalies went away. So now I have all those issues fixed, the mechanical drive replaced with a compact flash card with several backups and the rails and carriages rebuilt and running tight. Next up isa solenoid addition for air blast and I am almost ready to start making chips daily.