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Another B&S 2L Grinder question, Lub. help


Dec 4, 2010
McClure, PA 17059
Anyone familiar with B&S 2L lubrication pump? I'm getting oil to the ways but not much. I assume it should be well lubricated. I removed the "drip pans" at the ends of the "X" travel. Cleaned and painted them quite a few years ago. Moving the table beyond normal travel I noticed there has been no oil collected at the sump located in the drip pans next to the table ways that has a return oil drain so I'm assuming the ways should get quite a bit of oil. Those sumps are dry, but oil pump is full of oil thoungh it does seem to be putting a small amount on the ways because they are wet with oil. I have the owners/repair manual but nothing is said about replacing the filter but in the parts section a filter is shown. Only mention in manual about oil pump is that it should be kept full, up to the spill way and how to adjust it if it became necessary. I didn't look to see if there was a drain plug. Should I drain the oil if there is a plug and remove the filter? Anyone know why there is a spill way? Maybe it's an oil level indicator? I don't use the grinder much, last time it was used was about 6 months ago maybe longer to put negative rake on 7/8" drills. Now I need to grind 5 plates 6" X 3" flat on both sides