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Antique drill press

Dave D

Hot Rolled
Oct 7, 2006
Vancouver, B.C.
You also seem to be missing the large ratcheting quill feed handle on the right hand side. It looks like there you are missing some of the drive pulleys for the power feed but maybe they are in that pile of parts or were supposed to be driven by an overhead belt. Most of the important parts appear to be there though so if the price is right .... :)


Bruce Johnson

Jan 8, 2006
Burbank, CA USA
The large main feed handle is there, it's just unlatched and hanging straight down. The only thing obviously missing is the round handwheel that goes on the shaft in the front for the fine downfeed. This is a "plain" model drill, which never had the back gear set or the power downfeed.

The main thing you'd need to get it running is the power drive. Does it have the jackshaft down on the base, with the flat pulleys to match the upper shaft? Is there any kind of a motor and belt set mounted there?

Overall, this looks like a drill worth cleaning up and saving. As long as the bevel gears up at the top front aren't broken and there isn't any horrible wear on the babbit bearings of the top shaft, it should be a reasonable project and result in a useful machine.


Cast Iron
Nov 30, 2009
Cincinnati, OH
Hello Johanna,

I am the fellow who advised you to post on this forum. On this forum, I wish to remain known as "dinosaur."

I can tell you a little bit more about your drill press. Hill Clarke & Co. was a machinery distributor in Boston. The link below will take you to their catalog of 1893. It is a 374 page PDF of almost 23MB. On page 220 is a picture of the machine that I believe is yours. From the Flip Video you sent me previously, I strongly believe your machine is a Prentice 20 Inch Swing Upright Drill. The previous poster was correct to mention that it seems to be missing the small hand wheel that turns the worm that moves the quill downwards at a very fine resolution.

VintageMachinery.org - Hill, Clarke & Co. - Publication Reprints - Catalogue of Machine Tools

If you wish to sell this machine, the website at VintageMachinery.org might be useful.

I think that your lathe may be a Draper made in Worcester, MA, but I am not 100% sure yet. There are some differences that I will try and look into further.

Try and post a link to your Flip Video. You should then get a a fairly strong response from the forum.

I have attached some jpegs of a very similar Prentice Bros. drill press that has been modified to run off an electric motor.


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Jul 12, 2011
Newfane, VT
Many good responses, thanks!

Hello, and thank you for the many useful responses. Getting this press working seems like a good job for someone else. I guess I will try selling it on the site suggested by Dinosaur.
I will check tomorrow on the pieces it has and does not have. I have linked the video I have of this press on Youtube, at
‪Hill and Clark Drill Press‬‏ - YouTube

Thanks for the feedback!

Oops, the Youtube site will not list correctly. Well, look for Hill and Clark Drill press and you should be able to find it!
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