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Any experience with the 50 x 16ga slip rolls?


Cast Iron
Mar 27, 2011
Providence RI
I am looking to pick up a larger slip roll to complement my 24" diacro and am looking at older pexto, niagara, wysongs and some new machines like 50x16ga baileigh. Majority of the material will be pre-finished brass, bronze, stainless and some steel which is the main reason I am looking at a new machine, as all the older ones rolls are in rough shape. I like nice tools and would actually feel more comfortable buying a well know quality older machine like a pexto verses a new overseas built tool. Anyone have any first hand experience with these low range baileigh machines? I am leaning towards their middle machine (sr-5016e for $3000) as it powered as that seems like a must have for something this large.