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Anybody Added coolant to a brown & sharpe #13 Need help with coolant pans/covers


Jul 23, 2001
Buffalo NY
Oil from the elevation screw is designed to drip down and lubricate the wheelhead swivel turret. If I remember, my #13 has a felt filter in the collection basin,
to filter the oil before it goes to the swivel. Well thought out machine.
But they can not live without oil. People who think so are a fool.
It is interesting that my #13 does not use Bijour oiler restrictors.
Instead it uses various size and length capillary copper tubing to
set the oil metering rate. Instead of a point restriction, which is small
to meter the flow it needs, a larger and longer capillary tube is much less
likely to clog, especially from old varnished oil. Much more reliable system
than the restrictor oriface type. Cheaper than the mighty Manzel oiler system
favored by screw machines too.