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Anyone Familiar with Unitek/Miyachi Series 70 Weld Head Controler?


Sep 19, 2009
Apex, NC
It's probably a longshot, but any input on the below would be appreciated:

We have a Miyachi/Unitek UB29 linear DC weld control (welder), and a Model 70 Weld head-controller with a Model 71 weld head (the small servo-driven head and control). I have the manuals for both the weld-head controller and welder, however there are no instructions for how hook up the model 70 with the welder (UB29). There are descriptions of all the I/O connectors functions but, but another piece of information that is unclear is what/if I/O from the model 70 communicate directly with the i/o of the UB29. There are no connections directly to the actual weld *head* to the UB29 welder (except the weld power cables, and optional sensing cables), so at a minimum the "weld start" signal is required from the model 70 IO to the UB29. We just need a manual-start setup, no RS232 or PLC control or data-logging, etc.
Thanks for any input!