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Anyone Have an Exair Chip Trapper Sump Vacuum? Or other good recommendations?


Sep 6, 2011
Holland, MI
Hey guys,

Looking at sump vacs, don't really have any experience with them.

The Exair unit looks pretty simple. Don't really like paying 2k for basically an empty drum and a venturi vac, but I can't justify making one.

Anyone have one of these?

We have two sumps, each about 80gal, a 4020 VMC and a turning center. About every 6 months I'd like to clean them out, but we want to save the coolant if it is still good. We've normally pump most of it into a drum and then used a shop vac to get the rest, but that's messy and hard to deal with.

The Freddy units are more money than we can justify, so we're looking at more budget options.

The filters are neat but not required. We don't make a lot of fines, so we can just strain out the chips with a mesh strainer if needed.

Orange Vise

Feb 10, 2012
We use these: https://www.exair.com/dv-sys.html. Basically a bare bones version of the one you described, at 1/3 the price.

We use 55 gallon drums with removable tops, which can be easily cleaned out. Also cheap enough to toss when they eventually get too filthy and too beat up.

Coolant goes back into the machines through a disposable sock filter. Chips leftover in the drum get dumped into the recycling bins.

We try not to vacuum out large quantities of chips. Those get scooped out with a shovel to prevent hoses from getting clogged.