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Approach to Using Haas TM2P Tool Protocol

Roger Edberg

Feb 11, 2007
Monterey Bay Area, CA
I currently operate a Tormach PCNC1100 mill. I am considering purchasing a Haas TM2P mill. I have concerns about how I will have adapt to the Haas tool numbering and tool changer protocol. With the Tormach control system, any tool number can be placed in the tool changer in any position, or called for by a manual tool change if the tool is not in the tool carousel. As I understand it, the Haas carousel tool changer positions are considered the tool numbers. In other words, I cannot have a tool numbered #79 for example, in the Haas carousel because tools can only be numbered from 1-10 for the 10 tool carousel. I have not been able to find an explanation for how to post process from my CAM software (Inventor HSM) with a 150+ tool library to a renumbered tool set from 1-10. This seem like a very large hindrance to using this machine to create mostly one off parts. What happens if there are no tools loaded in the TM2P carousel? Will it call up a tool change with whatever tool number in the G code (assuming a matching tool offset table is in the TM2P) even if the number is greater than 10?
I would really like to understand out how this works and how TM2P users manage CAM library tool number processing before going any further towards a TM2P purchase.

Rogue Willie

Nov 1, 2013
I currently run a TM-1. You can only call up tools numbered 1 - 10 however you can have numerous tool length offsets per tool and manually change the tool if you can keep them straight. There is a setting that will throw an alarm if the tool and offset numbers in the program don't match. As for the CAM side, I use SolidCAM. When selecting a tool I can import it and assign it to the next available tool number. I have not done any CAM programming with multiple offsets for a single tool number.