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Are new tilt bed trailers in short supply ? The reason I ask is..


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Dec 15, 2000
if I can get more than I paid for it (~$4,200 about a year ago) , I would sell mine. I sold my 2022 Ram 1500 van that I bought new just 7 months earlier, to Carvana for $2,500 more than I paid for it and wondering if I could pull the same trick with the trailer (but rather than $2500 on something that cost 40K, thinking a couple hundred over would do on the trailer)

Speaking of short supply Friday I got a quote on a new 2000 lb battery for a Hyster electric forklift and the lead time for Deka is Febuary 2023 !! Thats almost 10 months :ack2:

(on edit) ...occurred to me to look at eBay after posting and here is the same trailer....

2022 Sure-Trac ST7812SATE-B-078 | eBay