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Are white dressing sticks used for vitrified bond wheels?

Terry Keeley

Oct 18, 2005
Toronto, Canada eh!
Grinding noob here.

I'm doing some I/D grinding with Norton 32A60-KVBE wheels, they're about 3/4" in diameter so I've found I have to dress often or they stop cutting straight.

I know the white dressing sticks are used to clean up resin bond wheels after dressing but do they help clean up vitrified wheels as well? Like between dressings?
Depends what you are grinding - non metallic?

The point of "dressing" AlO wheels is that they dull. (The grit gets rounded over and rubs instead of cutting)
So you need a sharp diamond and a fast traverse of the diamond, to "sharpen" your AlO wheel back up. The white stick might work if you are grinding non-metallic. But it will dull the wheel grit and not help with metal.

Diamonds are so much harder than AlO that they actually cut it. So you want a fast traverse so it knocks the grains and fractures them, rather than turning them smooth. A sharp diamond will also make sharper points.