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Assembly Welding Recommendation for Portland, OR


Jan 4, 2014
Portland, OR
Can anybody recommend a good welder in the Portland metro area that can do machined parts?

I have some very high value 6061 assemblies that need to be welded together after we do assembly. It's a relatively easy job by my estimation (probably only a few hours total). I'm just a mediocre TIG welder though - due to the value of these assemblies, I'd rather farm them out to somebody that won't have any issues.

One highly recommended individual out of Aurora is too busy, and the other shop I reached out to has not responded. Need to get it done this week! :willy_nilly:

strength and pow

May 7, 2008
dallas,tx USA
Reach out to Nick Bezates / Bezates Construction. He is in Beaver Creek. Super nice guy. If he can’t get you taken care of, he should be able to make a solid recommendation

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