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ATW Serial Number


Jan 5, 2023
I wonder if you can help me. My father and I both worked for The Amerian Tool Works Company in CIncinnati, OH. I only worked there from 1972 to 1977. My father worked there for 43 years. At one time he was the QA Forman, When a machine tool build was complete, it was ran through it;s paces and the QA Forman stamped his initials at the tail end of the bed in front where the Date and Serial Number is found. I later went to work for Applicon CAD/CAM and whenever I would get into a shop with American Lathes, I always checked out who signed off on it. Over the years, I was only able to find two of them.

If you have an American Pacemaker or American Hole Wizard, could you send me a picture of the Serial Number, Date and Initials. I'm curious to find out how many my dad may have signed off on,.

Thank you,

Huston Ludlum