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Australia…..baileigh industrial has arrived!

Baileigh inc

Feb 26, 2009
Manitowoc Wisconsin
OK guys, it's been a long time coming, but now our fabrication brethren from down under will have a local metal shaping and fabrication resource. We have just opened up shop and are ready for business.

Not only will we be offering our full line of metal shaping machinery, we will also be spreading the gospel of metal fabrication throughout the country. Metal shaping classes and training....the whole 9 yards.

More info here: Contact Us | Baileigh Industrial

Best of luck with the new branch.. With our manufacturing sector going backwards at a fast rate of knots I would not have thought now the best time to open up a new business.. Although with our au dollar now at a more reasonable value on the world stage, we may see a slight resurgence in manufacturing..