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Auto Feed Non Ferrous Saw For Sale - Austin TX


Apr 18, 2006
Austin, TX
SoCo MC-360NFA-DR Non Ferrous Automatic Saw. This uses a 16" carbide tipped blade for very fast and accurate cuts. This is an auto feed non-ferrous high speed saw that is great for high volume cutting of aluminum, brass, plastic, or other non-ferrous metals. Leaves a great finish, has a mist lube system, and is easy to operate. Cuts 4" round stock and up to 8" x 2.5" rectangular material. Great for aluminum extrusions. Also includes a vacuum chip collection system. Presently wired for 240 volt 3 phase, but can do 480 by swapping some leads and fuses. Holds +-.002" on cut length. Weighs about 1900 pounds and we can load onto a truck or trailer. Please PM for more information. New ones list for about $30K, asking $8000 on this one.

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