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Automated Liquid Filler


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We recently purchased a piece of equipment through M Davis Auction Group. It was listed as a 'Serac 2237 Autofiller' by Northstar Packaging in South Carolina in 'Used but Good Condition', but when I had a Serac Tech inspect it, he said it was a stripped of all vital components. The only part that he could get working was the scale. We paid $9000 for it, and the tech said it would need more than $10,000 to get it working again. Cost of a new unit is $21,000 Neither M Davis Auction Group, or Northstar Packaging would take responsibility for the sale.

Rob F.

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Sorry to hear you got scammed.
Did you inspect this before purchasing?
Did the seller guarantee it to be in working order?
Bottom line here is buyer beware.
Was it listed "as is where is"? Most auction items are.
Did you pay with a CC, if so that might be your only hope....


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Looks like someone is trying to use the "Number 8th ranking forum" to leverage a squeeze maneuver on a company.