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Automated pipe lathe


Oct 17, 2013
New Jersey
I've been wating quite a while to show this. It is a lathe that auto-loads polypropylene pipe right from the cutoff saw at the end of an extrusion line. It puts a groove on both ends of the pipe and cut to length and chamfers both ends. Then in brings in a new pipe as it unloads the finished one. The vacuum collection system works but we don't have a vac big enough, but the customer does.
Currently operating about twice the speed of a human operator on the old machine and produces a far superior header pipe. Makes 4 different lengths at the push of a button. Other sizes by changing the collets, a five minute job. These get drilled with a whole row of holes then thermal welded to tubular panels to make solar hot water collectors.

This machine is going to my previous employer. I did 100% of the mechanical design, electrical design, and most of the PLC programming. The rest of the programming was done by the college student I've been training.